The IT Book
The IT Book
Short Stories of Encouragement for Children of All Ages
Perfect Bound Softcover
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The IT Book is from my heart and much of it is from my life. I think if there is any one thing that children of all ages need it is encouragement. With this in mind I have written The IT Book Short Stories of Encouragement for Children of All Ages. I called it The IT Book because the stories are titled LISTEN TO IT, LOVE IT, EXPLORE IT, OVERCOME IT and so forth. I never realized what an interesting life I have had until I wrote this book. I have always enjoyed words, languages and writing. Humor is a strong point in our family and I am happy to see my sense of humor coming out in some of these stories.

Like our parents, I have always had a great appreciation for beauty in any form: in music, in words that uplift, in nature, and in the kindness in people which manifests in so many ways. My husband, Bill Mercer, wrote several of these stories. I think you will find them delightful. It is my hope and prayer that this little book will uplift you in some way.

Is there anything you can think of that you wanted to try to do but just never did it? Think back as far as you can to your childhood. One summer day when my brothers and sister and I were growing up we tried very hard to accomplish something…We begged and begged …

When he was about nine years old, he went with his family on a camping trip…The rest of his family were asleep in their tents. The campground had some lamp posts. Bill got up, pulled a camp chair up to the base of the light pole …

This is my most precious memory. One day when I was there alone, just a few steps from me, a newly born tiny deer wobbled and shook on its little legs (maybe taking its first steps).

There was electricity in the air, but out of 25 – 30 boys of high school age there was no talking. Everyone was focusing on what he might be called upon to do.

Can you HEAR? a birdsong, music, your friend’s voice, a baby’s giggle, all the lovely things there are to hear? APPRECIATE IT.

Kathie Gedden, born in Des Moines, Iowa, graduated from Mundelein College, Chicago. She taught piano twenty-five years, encouraging her students, children and adults. Kathie authored another book, Beginning Piano: The Way I Teach It to be published Fall 2011.

She lives with her husband, Bill Mercer, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


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