It’s a Long Journey
It’s a Long Journey
A Book of Memories
Perfect Bound Softcover
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It’s a Long Journey presents the intimate memoir of Mary Frances Berkihiser. From her memories of her father going off to World War I to her struggles as a young mother to a memorable trip to the Middle East, Berkihiser shares her memories of her life.

She recalls the details of a life lived in the service of God, from an Indian Reservation to Enid, Oklahoma, to an exciting visit to the Holy Land. She remembers the bad days along with the good days, because even a life well lived has many ups and downs.

She was a runaway who was married at sixteen and became a mother to two daughters within two years. When a major obstacle arose in the marriage, back to her mother’s ranch she went, where she was given the opportunity to go to school to build a future for her family. Ultimately, she became a minister, serving many different people in many different places. Along the way she was able to travel to many faraway places like the Holy Land, a trip to the River Jordan, Hong Kong, and China among other places.

It’s a Long Journey is an uplifting tale of sheer will, determination, and God’s loving support, all of which enabled Berkihiser to live a spiritual life to the fullest.

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MARY FRANCES BERKIHISER earned a BS, BSE, and MALS in education and writing. She was listed in Who’s Who in American Women in the Midwest and in religion. She has served over sixty years in the ministry and currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee, with her daughters.


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