Beyond the Veil: Intimacy with God
Beyond the Veil: Intimacy with God
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BEYOND THE VEIL: INTIMACY WITH GOD is a true account of author Sandra Laborde’s year-long journey of being set apart with the Lord. During that year Sandra encountered many rough terrains as she learned how to trust God. Her journey begins as she seeks to know God intimately. While on this journey, God begins to work in the deep recesses of her heart, removing hidden areas of shame, fear, and unforgiveness. As the veils were removed from her heart she became purified spiritually, physically, and emotionally. As she allowed Holy Spirit to cleanse her heart she was able to draw closer to God- but she experienced great pain along the journey. While climbing the mountain of intimacy she discovered the transforming power of the love of God, the Father. During the purification process Sandra’s passion for Jesus deeply intensified as she encountered the heart and emotions of God.

Take a year long journey with me and discover how seeking to know the Lord and the depths of His great love can totally change a person’s life.  When God invited me to enter into the secret place with Him, I encountered many unexpected curves along the path as I moved into deeper intimacy with the Lover of my soul.  Beyond the Veil I came closer to the Father’s heart of passion and looked deep into the fiery eyes of Jesus.  I experienced the transforming power of His relentless love as He consumed and renewed me in preparation for the great wedding Feast.


“I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.” (Song of Solomon 6:3 NAS)


-      Sandra Laborde






Deeply Connected to God


God has placed a tremendous burden in my heart for the Bride of Christ.  I believe in this hour our Bridegroom, King Jesus is calling His Bride to come forth and awaken to a deeper level of intimacy.  I remember on February 3, 2009 I was in my prayer closet and God showed me a vision.  In the vision I saw the Bride lying down and I saw Jesus placing shoes on her.  The beautiful Bride laid down in her comfort zone, and I heard the Lord calling out to her.  The Lord called upon His Bride to “Get Up”.  God will shake everything that can be shaken to cause His Bride to awaken and be lovers of Him.  The Body of Christ will radiate the glory of God throughout the earth.

Sandra D. Laborde is a certified massage therapist and a natural health consultant. She is the founder of Touching Hearts Health and Wellness, a ministry through which she equips people to live in divine health and wholeness. She lives with her husband in New Jersey, where she homeschools their two children.

I was really blessed by this book. It touched my heart in deep places. Even the author was speaking of her own experience I could really relate
Jean L 

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