The Adventures of Ragpatch
The Adventures of Ragpatch
Love Lost and Found
Saddle Stitch Softcover
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One day, a scarecrow named Ragpatch was hanging in the field when Mrs. Jacobs took him down from his perch and began to walk towards the barn. She became distracted and put him on a bench. Farmer Jacobs saw him lying on the bench, put him into the back of his truck, and took him to the dump. This is just the start of Ragpatch’s journey!

Along the way, Ragpatch meets a one-legged seagull named Mort and a black lamb named Baart. All three are different and lonely; they don’t quite fit in. But they each understand how the others feel, and now Ragpatch has two new friends!

As they try to find their places in their world, they realize that they can depend on each other. Together, the three misfits start on an adventure of being lost and trying to figure out where they truly belong.

The Adventures of Ragpatch:

This was a sad day indeed for Ragpatch. Mrs. Jacob carefully laid Ragpatch on the bench in front of the barn, and she went inside to find Farmer Jacob.
A short time later, Mr. Jacob picked up Ragpatch and threw him on top of the pile of rubbish in the back of his truck. He yelled to Mrs. Jacob and said, “I will be back from the dump in an hour, then we can go pick some corn.”
“The dump! He is taking me to the dump! This can’t be happening,” cried Ragpatch. “This is the thanks I get for standing guard over the field for six years–a trip to the dump!”
Ragpatch didn’t know what to do. He just laid on top of the rubbish and bounced along.

Marcia White’s family includes 2 sons, 1 daughter, 1 stepson, and seven grandchildren. Marcia and her husband, Howard resides in New Hampshire where she loves to read, knit, and quilt.


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