A Shrimp Called Pee Wee
A Shrimp Called Pee Wee
Saddle Stitch Softcover
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When a new baby shrimp called Pee Wee is born, there is a hush in the sea. His mom and dad are concerned because he is tiny and his whole backside is shiny. The doctors and nurses work hard to save him. Then one day, they realize that something bigger than all of them has changed their sea, the place where they all live—and that change is responsible for Pee Wee’s unusual problems.

Set on the Gulf Coast right after the devastating oil spill, A Shrimp Called Pee Wee tells a tale of what can happen when disaster strikes. The story of Pee Wee the Shrimp shows how life in the sea was affected by the oil spill in the Gulf, but it shares a story of what it’s like to be born a little different than everyone else and how the love of family and friends supports the life of a child with challenges. Join Pee Wee and his family on their adventure in the Gulf.

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JANIS PACILEO was brought up with strong Italian Cultures in the famous Wooster street area of New Haven Connecticut where her grandmother owned a Italian Restaurant. She has been in the food and beverage industry most of her life. She has Four Sons and 3 Grandchildren.

janis very nice book you waited so long to make this book happen.sit back janis and listen to the little voices of children saying mommy read this again.
Diane Tirado 
SIMPLY Awesome! I want this to be a series!
Marc. Conte 
Wonderful book for kids to read and learn about the life of a baby shrimp named pee wee, this author really hit a home run with this book' I would highly recogmend this for kids of all ages.
Joseph Abbink 
Janis, I had no idea you were involved in writing and what I was able to read on this website sounds fabulous!

I actually would like to get some copies before June 1st for a meeting I need to be at. Possible? Let me know

I am so proud of you! Nanette
Nanette Pardew 
Such a sweet story that touches on important issues such as childhood illness, being different, the environment, courage and family love. All in a very entertaining way. Can't wait for the next book!
Angela Mattei-Ortiz 
Loved this book! When you are born different from others it is not easy to feel like you fit in. But with help from the doctors and the love of his family, what a difference it made.
Kimberley Tramper 
A beautifully written book and well illustrated. This is both heartwarming and educational and sure to inspire thought provoking conversation regarding Mother Earth and also the way we humans treat one another. This book should be in every elementary school classroom. I had the rare opportunity not only to met this awesome author but to enjoy wonderful conversation with her of what is to come. Today was a lovely met-the-author day. Thank you Janis. ~ Sheryl (and Bob)
Sheryl Wescott 
I received my copy in the mail several days ago and what a treat! Set on the Gulf Coast right after the devastating oil spill that affected so many, A Shrimp Called Pee Wee is a charming, yet poignant poetic composition that touches on the effects we all have on the earth and how the love of family and friends aid as a support system during these challenging times. It is a must read full of colorful illustrations and a crucial message for both children and adults alike. ♥ Purchase your own personal copy today!!
Awesome book for any age. Illustrations are great. I recommend Janis' book for all ages; young and old.
Katie Brosnan Velez 

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