Deception Today's Church
Deception Today's Church
God’s Church or Satan’s Army?
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Do you know for sure where you will spend eternity? Is your church leading you to heaven or hell? Why are twenty million Americans without work, and who is at fault?

Author Simon Peters is an ordinary man, a teacher and leader in his professional life. Even so, he has been moved by God to become a Jonah for the twenty-first century through Deception Today’s Church: God’s Church or Satan’s Army? God does not want us to be deceived, and so Peters has been asked by God to address the deception we all deal with in our daily lives, from both the government and, most importantly, from the church.

Deception Today’s Church: God’s Church or Satan’s Army? Explores the detrimental relationship between the church and the secular world. Peters uses his extensive personal experience in his churches to illustrate many of his points; he also backs his statements up with examples of Scripture. He has been disillusioned by church leaders who respond to issues within the churches they lead with selfish deception—following their personal needs over God’s needs.

He also talks about the miracles, loss, heartache, and the changing power of God that are part of his life in God’s care. God has a mission for each of us, should

Early in 2005 God made me aware that He wanted me to write a book for Him. I was working 50-60 hours per week, attending church and Sunday school, as well as a Tuesday night Bible study. I did not want to be involved with an undertaking of that magnitude. I ignored God’s calling as being completely ridiculous.
After several years of saying “no” and receiving a fair amount of well deserved discipline, I said “yes.” This book is God’s attempt to clarify the deception you and I face every day in life through government, church and how we live our lives.
In reading this book you will witness miracles, loss, heartache and the changing power of God. God will show you, as He has shown me, Himself and His Truth.
It seems that many leaders in the church don’t want to expose us to The Truth, only portions of the truth.
As you read, I guarantee you will visit your Bible often. God will reveal to you things that many of you may never have thought of, been exposed to, or imagined to be true. However, if you ask God’s guidance as you read, He will reveal Himself to you in truth.
My hope is that in reading this book God will challenge you and your thought processes will be greatly impacted. You will recognize that God is talking to you and He has a mission for you, should you choose to accept it. Be Ready – Your Complacent Passive Life is About to Change!

Author bio coming soon.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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