Revival, Hallelujah!
Revival, Hallelujah!
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REVIVAL, HALLELUJAH! presents a collection of evangelical poems by author Paul Juby as a personal message to unbelievers, fencesitters, pastors, church leaders, and congregations. Church leaders are wonderfully dedicated people, yet their churches are often lacking in members. They need the Holy Spirit to awaken in them the need to evangelize, to bring people to accept Jesus, and to save lives. Revival can be accomplished through enthusiasm that is contagious and sets each church and congregation on fire•by telling people gently but firmly that they need to move into action for Jesus.

A dedicated worship leader can read the poems from Revival, Hallelujah! to their congregations as they worship together. Too often people talk of revival as impossible, but God delights in impossibilities. These poems can help to spur anyone into action who might be hesitating.


I’ve known the Jesus Story
Since I was a little child.
I’ve been to Sunday school,
And then for years
I’ve been to Church.
My Church is good.
There is Fellowship,
There is much to enjoy.
Why are we so loyal ?
What is the reason
That we love our Church so much?
It is because we believe,
Believe in Jesus our Lord,
But something is missing !
Our numbers are static,
Even shrinking.
We’ve been looking inwards
To each other.
We’ve failed to look outwards.
Perhaps we lack a start-up,
Perhaps we are fearful
To talk of Jesus
To friends and neighbours.
It is so easy to tell them
About a new car,
Of new events,
The birth of a baby
Or some village news.
Yet when we need to tell
What Jesus means to us
Our tongues are tired.
We keep silent.
O Lord please help us,
Loosen our tongues.
Fill us with eagerness
To tell of new life.
To tell people
That Jesus changes lives.
That real life begins with Jesus.
That they will be changed
As brand new beings inside.
Then, Lord
Our Church will resound
As never before.
With real adventures,
Real excitement
And real purpose..
A real Tsunami
Real communion with You.
Please Jesus,
Guide and direct us.
We want to follow you.
You are the needle,
We are the thread,
Use us !

Lord Jesus,

Real excitement,
Real purpose
And real communion with You.

PAUL JUBY is a preachers kid. He went to Malaysia at the age of twenty and was converted by Asian teenagers. He then became a pioneer youth leader in Malaysia with the Boys Brigade, which has since grown to 10,000 members. Now in the United Kingdom, he is an evangelical Methodist lay preacher.


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