Melodies of Life
Melodies of Life
Perfect Bound Softcover
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This new, illustrated collection of poetry shares author K. Allura Chase’s view that poetry is the music of life from which each of us creates our own melodies. Illustrated by Chase, these verses, with subjects ranging from nature and the seasons to reflections from the heart, seek to touch everyone and help us realize and embrace the unique qualities in each individual that connects us in our humanness.

She invites us to experience a warm summer evening in the country or a walk in the woods that awakens our imagination to the life that surrounds us but remains hidden. She also shows us how to appreciate the beauty and mystery of each season and discover the real spirit of Christmas and how it connects with us and our loved ones.

Melodies of Life awakens the senses through words and illustrations that stir memories and feelings that have been dormant for too long.

Little Butterfly, alight by me
What is your world like?
What are all the things you see?
Do tell me please.

Little Butterfly, dressed in golden orange
And spots of brown,
After pausing a moment to rest nearby,
You’ve taken off darting all around
Highlighting the glorious color and beauty
That abounds.

Little Butterfly, who lit by me,
T ank you for sharing your world
Of the many colored flowers and
Gently swaying trees,
Thanks for sharing that with me.

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In 2005, K. Allura Chase retired from her teaching career after thirty-four years of service. With her newfound time, she has honed her artistic and writing skills. Melodies of Life is her first book. She lives in Oneonta, New York with her husband, Cal. They have three grown children and a granddaughter.


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