All the Steps I Have Taken
All the Steps I Have Taken
Then and Now
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As a six-month-old infant, Linda Christianson was diagnosed with poliomyelitis, a highly contagious disease that crippled thousands of children and adults before a vaccine became available in 1953. In her memoir, she now shares the intimate story of her struggle with the disease and of learning to approach her life in as normal a way as possible. She details the struggles that she faced growing up and the challenges that she handles each day of her life.

Because she contracted polio at such a young age, Linda was never able to enjoy the carefree childhood of skipping, dancing, and jumping that other children, including her sister, were able to experience. She had to learn how to live with her disease and to carve out a productive life for herself. Today, she approaches tasks with planning and much forethought. She works within the limitations of her disease but still finds joy and accomplishment in each day.

All the Steps I Have Taken presents the chronicle of her life, which has given her a magnificent family, a superlative set of friends with whom she shares her life, and her beloved home.

“…a remarkably moving story of one woman’s courage and resilience. It is a real inspiration for us all.”

—Barb Blome

“Anyone who has never been stricken with polio will give thanks for what they have been spared, yet may wonder why another is not so lucky. This story makes one realize how God works in their life through their adversity. It brings back the footprints in the sand quote “during your times of trial and suffering, when you see only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you” “A true inspiration.”

—Vikki Wacek

“I’m almost done. I’m almost there” these are the words I kept hearing Linda say as she was compiling the information for her one and only book. She has always wanted to put down her feelings in regard to her life with polio. This is a true story describing all the emotions, fear, pain, disappointments of a small child living every day with the effects of polio, a paralyzing disease that affected millions before a vaccine was developed in 1953. At the age of six months Linda was stricken with polio and has spent her life living as a “normal” person. Attaining all her goals set for herself she has lived an all-embracing life. She has pieced her life as a beautiful quilt with lots of color. “All the steps I have taken” will capture you from the beginning and hold you to the end.

Linda Christianson grew up on the family farm in the Midwest. Her life has been made challenging by her contraction of polio as an infant. Linda currently lives in Blooming Prairie, Minnesota with her husband, Nolan. They have three children and eight grandchildren.

After all her hard work it's sure to me as amazing as she is!
Tonya Hansen 
Linda is my sister-in-law. I've known her for nearly 50 years. Every since I first met her I knew she had polio but I never thought of her as handicapped. With the exception of strenuous physical activities, there was nothing she couldn't do. She's lead a life of accomplishment not resentment. Linda is exemplary of courage, determination and hope. Linda's book documents how her affliction didn't compromise her accomplishments. Linda has a story worth hearing and I hope she continues to share it. No one can walk in her shoes but there's a lot who could follow in her foot steps.
Terry Christianson 
There is that phrase - Walk a Mile in my shoes - to really understand! Not many could or would walk that mile such as Linda has had to walk but upon reading her recently published book ALL THE STEPS I HAVE TAKEN THEN AND NOW you will understand the challenges presented from polio and all the work it takes to embrace the obstacles in the way to overcome in order to function "normal" and with success! Her book is inspirational, uplifting, hopeful, informative, and a delightful story about Linda's challenges with having polio at age 6 months and all her successes with each step taken than and now! Such a proud "older" sister I am!
Lonna Lysne 
We have been friends since 6th grade and I can tell you no one can compete with her. She is truly crafty, talented and the nicest person ever. I wish her a very long successful life.

B Blome
Barb Blome 
All the Steps I Have Taken is a wonderful book about one woman's fight to maintain a "normal" lifestyle having grown up as a survivor of polio. Truly inspiring and makes one reflect on what they can do better in their own lives. Thank you for writing this Linda.
Kristine (Henefield) Semsar 
All the Steps I Have Taken Then and Now is truly an inspirational story for anyone of any age. Linda shows us through her memoir that even though she has limitations due to having polio, she never lets that stop her from accomplishing anything that she puts her mind to. She lives life to the fullest and finds the joy in each and every day. A must read!
JoEllen Workman 
Linda and I were little girls together at Red Oak Grove Church and have known each other over 50 years. We now live right across the street from each other. I knew very little of Linda's journey until I read this book and that's because I never saw her as any different. Her courage, strength, faith and farm girl gumption make her an inspiration to all.
Cindy Lindquist 
A wonderful book written by a truly inspirational woman. I have always admired Linda for her positive attitude and strength. This book gives an insight of where her courage comes from. It is a 'must read'! Thank you for writing it, Linda.
LuAnn Becker 
Linda Christianson has written a very heartfelt memoire of her life's path as a polio survivor. Well written and beautifully expressed, this is a moving account of how one can overcome adversity and thrive with disability. It's content is truly inspiring and should be required reading for all survivors. Thanks Linda for sharing!
Margot Meacham 

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