Gentle Therapy
Gentle Therapy
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Gentle Therapy is Doctor Monk’s second book. Her first book, You Are Not Alone, is enjoying considerable success and she hopes her readers will appreciate Gentle Therapy just as much. Gentle Therapy can make every aspect of our lives easier and more pleasant. Doctor Monk hopes her readers will enjoy Gentle Therapy as much as she enjoyed writing it.

Doctor Monk’s own therapy for many years has been playing the harp. She considers music as wonderful therapy for the mind, the body, and the soul.


Gentle Therapy is not a new idea, and comfort and wellbeing therapies have been offered to the public in many different ways. From the early times of human existence, many civilizations have introduced the concept of fulfilling our need for quiet moments of contemplation and meditation, in the constant quest for a better quality of life.

My approach is to introduce Gentle Therapy as a way to improve our every day way of living, and create the habit to carry with us and employ Gentle Therapy everywhere we are and everywhere we go.

Writing the different chapters of this book, I wanted to take my reader on a voyage, linking different therapies with the sensation imprinted by diverse places, and when possible, accompanied by an extraordinary piece of music. The feeling I intended to produce can be greatly enhanced by visual associations of a unique location, while the suggested music can create a strong emotional atmosphere.

Because of my earlier exposure in life to classical music, the reader will forgive me if the music I refer to will be classical, but I promise that I recommend works of art that are not only beautiful, but also immortal. Because of the technology we all enjoy today, I would like you to connect any time possible, with a source of music and listen to the piece of music I recommend with that particular therapy. I hope that you will enjoy the experience.

Marinella Monk is a practicing medical doctor in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. She is board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and a diplomat of the American Academy of Pain Management.

Great book. Perhaps the last self-help book you will ever need!!
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Gentle Therapy, is captivating. It offers so many avenues to soothe the soul and improve and better enjoy our lives. Dr. Monk wrote Gentle Therapy after writing You Are Not Alone, and this book equals, if not surpasses You Are Not Alone as a valuable source of self-improvement and the pursuit of happiness.

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