On Gramma’s Rocker
On Gramma’s Rocker
Animal Tales and Other Short Stories
Perfect Bound Softcover
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This treasure trove of short stories offers tales of friends and animals that come to life and features important lessons about friendship, sharing and more. 

On Gramma’s Rocker shares a treasure box of children’s tales filled with short stories that make friends and animals come alive and help your child learn life’s most important lessons through fun. 
Go to the palace with porcupines who learn their manners. Follow a curious girl into a “boys-only” tree house and discover a real hero. Meet a new fire truck named Flash who wants to befriend a unique dog at the fire station. Sit in the shade with Blanket and Sombrero as they compete for the first-place prize in their village. Stand guard with Ring the doorbell as he tries his best—rain or shine. Travel with Cup and Teabag from the sunny south to the cold north until they finally reach their relaxing destination. 

These stories bring you and your children unusual companions who become friends as they meet each challenge before them.

The Fire Truck and The Dog 

In the fire station garage sat a shiny bright red Fire Truck named Flash. He was brand new, and he had just moved into the fire station. He looked around the garage and wondered where everyone else could be. Just then Flash heard the engine of a big older truck. It was returning from a big fire that the firemen had put out. 
Flash watched as the tired old truck got washed. The truck’s doors were open so the insides could get dusted. Just then a long dog jumped out of one truck. The dog was white with black spots on his ears, back and legs. Flash liked dogs so he called out, “Hi, Dog! I’m Flash the Fire Truck. What’s your name?” 
Dog did not answer but went straight to his bed. 
Flash called to the Dog, “Are you tired after working at the fire?” Dog still did not answer. Flash thought, “Dog must be too tired to speak.” 
Soon a fire call came in and the trucks got ready to go. Dog saw Flash’s door open. Suddenly Flash felt Dog jump up on the front seat. Flash heard the seat belt click. He was happy that Dog was going with him on the fire call. 
Sirens blew as the red truck raced through the streets. When they arrived at the fire scene, the fire fighters worked hard to put out the fire. Dog and Flash were happy when the fire stopped burning. 
When they got back to the fire station, Flash drove into the garage. Dog was coughing from the smoke and dust. “Are you okay?” Flash asked. The Dog again did not answer. He jumped down and ran to his water bowl. He drank some water and then went to his bed to rest. 
Flash the Fire Truck was full of soot and was getting washed on the outside and dusted on the inside. He looked at the big old truck next to him. “I wonder if Dog speaks to the other truck,” Flash thought. “I will ask him.” 
“I have talked to Dog but he never answers me,” said Flash. “Do you know how I can get him to speak to me?” he asked the older truck. 
The big truck listened to Flash and chuckled. He said, “Dog is a fire dog. People call him a Dalmatian. Dog is very friendly.” 
Flash was puzzled. “Friendly?” he asked. “Then why doesn’t he speak when I talk to him?” 
The older truck answered, “That is because Dog was born deaf. That means he can not hear us talk.” 
Flash had more questions. “If Dog cannot hear, how does he know when to jump in and go with us?” 
The old truck said, “When Dog sees our lights, Dog knows it is time to go to work. When he sees our doors open, he jumps in for the ride.” Now every time Flash turns on his lights, Dog comes running to him. Dog sits straight and tall with his seat belt fastened. Flash learned that friends sometimes do not need words. They can use signs!

Ann Bondanella is the president of RELACS—Religious Education, Literature, and Consulting Services. Her experience with children includes many years of teaching, tutoring, and mentoring. The parents of five adult children, Ann and her husband enjoy being grandparents to sixteen grandchildren living in both Pennsylvania and Indiana.

Great book for young and old! Interesting and inspiring stories!

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