I Hear your Heartbeat
I Hear your Heartbeat
A Pilgrimage of Healing
Perfect Bound Softcover
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I hear your heartbeat is a poignant, heartwarming story about love, forgiveness and healing. Painful memories of long ago can linger in the caverns of our heart and soul. A simple song, a familiar aroma, an old greeting card or an echo from the past can make the memories, and the pain, as fresh and as real as yesterday. Tallet Jinx found that reliving those memories was the only path to peace and reconciliation but would he find the courage needed to make the pilgrimage. Travel with Tal on his journey of discovery as he seeks healing and solace from the painful remains of a broken high school romance. Deep in his soul he instinctively knew that what he sought could be found in the sound of her heartbeat, if he could hear it just one more time. The healing and solace would come, but in a most unusual and unexpected way. Tal’s pilgrimage brings him to new life, new hope, forgiveness and, most importantly, the freedom to love fearlessly and unconditionally.

"Memories," he thought. "How curious they can be. The smell of fresh baked bread, the faint sweetness of sage floating on a spring zephyr, a song fragment heard in passing. All these things evoke memories, mostly pleasant." But the memory brought on by that Valentine card and yearbook picture was none of the above. Gemi's memory was too hard to bring back, too tender to let go. He wished Lucy was with him. Her presence soothed the ache of that memory. Since her death, loneliness seemed to be a way of life. Without Lucy, alone there in the dark, he had no choice but to remember the best, worst thing that ever happened to him. And his heart went back in time. It was September, 1961, Kayne County High School. He was seventeen, she was fifteen and........

LARRY GRANT HATCH was born and raised in the south suburbs of Chicago. He has lived in Texas and Arkansas for thirty-five years. His experiences exploring the Texas panhandle provided the basis for the setting of this story. He and Sally have been married for forty-seven years. They are parents of four sons and seven grandchildren. Larry is an ordained deacon in the Roman Catholic Church. He has written many articles and reflections about faith, forgiveness, and closure.


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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