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The religious authorities on campus are convinced that true Christianity is addressed best in repentance and personal living. The students of Crossroads University are convinced that true Christianity is best represented in acceptance and support of one’s neighbor. Can the two very different worlds meet on one middle ground?

As night settled over the campus community, the grounds were devoid of the usual night drifters on their way home from Del Montes. Truth be told, not one student in the community had really been in the mood to drown their sorrows and frustration in the fellowship that Del Montes had to offer that night. In that regard, Dr. Hyman’s latest string of fire-and-brimstone theological bludgeoning had served its purpose, as without the usual clientele at the local pub, none of the students were drinking that evening. Still, in many other regards, he had failed. Granted the Crossroads University community was ashamed of all that they had done in a world plagued by sin (their shame being another point in Dr. Hyman’s favor). Still, they had been slighted and humiliated in front of their peers by this new campus chaplain and in respect to winning any followers over with his “religious” intonations, Dr. Hyman had failed miserably. The night was too bleak and dark for the twilight darkness to be an appropriate backdrop. That was the opinion of Jacob Hawkins as he pretended to do his homework in the middle of an apartment that had been designed for two roommates. Still, Adam was long gone and, in the middle of the traditional Crossroads U, Jake was a little short on candidates to fill the open roommate position. Finally, the sophomore gave up the charade of studying and headed upstairs to catch some early shut-eye. Still, as any good Christian, there was one thing that he had to do before sleep could come to him. Jake collapsed on both knees at the side of the beanbag chair that he had taken to sleeping in while Adam would usually take the bed. Within moments, Jacob Hawkins was almost dead to the world during his time to be spent with only one other being; everything else, be put on hold. Are you there, God? It’s me, Ste--Jacob. I am not perfect, I am striving to be CHRISTIAN. Owning up to my faults and shortcomings does not make me weak, it keeps me HUMBLE.

KENT BRINDLEY was born, raised, and schooled in western Michigan. He currently resides in Bangor, Michigan, with his family. He received his bachelor’s in writing from Grand Valley State University in May 2008.


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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