Fountains of Grace
Fountains of Grace
A One-Year Daily Devotional
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Fountains of Grace: A One-Year Daily Devotional offers a Scripture passage with a companion reflection for each day. These devotionals highlight spiritual truths by reflecting upon the events of the ordinary, yet blessed-by-God, moments of the lives of the author, her family, and her friends. Rev. Ruth Naomi Huddleston, a minister of the Wesleyan Tabernacle Association, writes in a clear, meditative, and inspiring manner to point to the many ways that God works in daily life to draw people closer to Him.

The author's writing stretches back many decades incorporating details of yesteryear. However, her faithful explorations of the Bible's truths and her keen insights into human nature remain true and spiritually fruitful today. Recognizing their enduring value, the author's granddaughter, Eveline Huddleston McNamee, has labored to organize these devotionals and to present the spiritual truths they contain to today's readers.

Incorporating meditations from Fountains of Grace into your life's routine will open, in its own quiet manner, a path into the deep and hidden recesses of your heart. Each meditation will lead you to understand, appreciate, and embrace the spiritual insights that transcend the years and that remain forever true.

May 25

Country Butter

“He that believeth on the Son of God hath the witness in himself;” I John 5:10.

For several years, my husband worked in a grocery store. Because I disliked oleo so very much, he brought home good old country butter, two pounds each Saturday. It was delicious, satisfying, and nutritious; and for two and one half years, the children and I enjoyed this delicately flavored butter on hot biscuits, griddlecakes, toast, et cetera.

From time to time, I praised the lady, who had been able to make such good butter for my enjoyment. It was beautifully molded—sheaf of wheat design; and we consumed two pounds per week, a real luxury!

Occasionally, I asked my husband who the lady was, who churned this cream into such golden yellow butter and prepared it for us in a huge blue crock; but he never could remember her name.

One Saturday night, he came home without the butter. Upon inquiry, I was told the lady was ill, had not gotten to churn that week, and she would have it ready by the following Monday for sure.

Another time, the butter didn't get churned; and I was somewhat annoyed. Then quite frequently, my husband would come home and say, “No butter again this week!”

One day, I exclaimed, “What shall I do with company coming tomorrow and no butter?”

To which he smiled and replied, “Eat oleo.”

“O, I just can't!” I replied. “I can't stand the stuff! I'll never use oleo on my table!”

My husband laughed. “Why, Ruth, you've been eating oleo for two and one half years.”

“I don't believe it!” I retorted.

To this he replied, “Well, you have. I colored, salted, and molded it at the store each week. When I was too busy, I told you the lady had failed to bring the butter in.”

You can never imagine my chagrin and embarrassment! I had eaten oleo for such a long time and never even surmised such a thing; and I had been satisfied and happy, although sadly mistaken and deceived. My husband had purchased the best grade of oleo, colored, and flavored (salted,) it to taste just like butter; and I was so pleased and certain that it was not a butter substitute!

O, how comparable this is to the sad situation everywhere today in the religious world! There is substitution everywhere, and so-called Christians are so gullible!

The enemy has pictured sin so glamorous, satisfying, and delightful that many souls are deceived and lost. If one can be so sure about material things, and then awake to discover he was so badly mistaken, how very easily one can be deceived about his spiritual status. An individual must have a real, genuine, born-again experience, a peace with God, and divine love—or he will miss Heaven with all its countless joys!

Does your soul have the witness of the Spirit? Salvation works when the crisis comes. There are many religions, but only one salvation. Christ was our Substitute. You can know you are saved and ready for Heaven. I John 5:10. He is our only substitute! “For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus; Who gave himself a ransom for all.” I Timothy 2:5, 6.

Rev. Ruth Naomi Huddleston was born in 1897 in Indiana, where she lived, married, and raised three children. She was a schoolteacher and later worked for over two decades as a news correspondent. Ordained by the Wesleyan Tabernacle Association, she ministered for twenty-five years as a supply pastor and evangelist.

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