In God’s Awesome Creation
In God’s Awesome Creation
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Seeing God in your busy life is sometimes hard to do. In my job, I primarily worked outside with nature, on a hands-on farm museum. People reacted in various ways, sometimes surprising and sometimes profound. For me, it was hard not to see God. In God’s Awesome Creation is about some of my adventures, my skills, and my knowledge, along with Bible verses and how it impacted me. I put a “Try It” at the end. You get to try some of the things I got to do. While you are reading, please pray for yourself or others who are involved in that kind of situation. Some of the moments were funny, some were awesome, and some grabbed you by the socks and brought you up straight. They pointed right at you, and you couldn't help but see you needed to think things out.

For more than thirty years I lived a double life. By day, I dressed in a long skirt, fichu, and bonnet, and worked on an eighteenth century living farm museum. By night I wore sweats or shorts and sneakers. Of course it came across to the public as a somewhat idyllic life as long as they could peek and not depend upon that kind of situation to survive. You couldn't pay me enough to actually live like that. I do enjoy spinning as long as I don’t have to make all my clothes in that manner. I enjoyed making a rye straw hat, but it took 75 hours of painstaking labor. Thankfully, today we don’t have to use what we grow for survival; however I still appreciate my shower and modern conveniences.

The farm was always a place where I could more easily see God. I found myself coming onto the farm in the morning and pausing to look around and see what was happening, whatever the weather. The farm had a different feeling when it was stormy, cold, hot, or sunny. Time slowed down and the real world and its’ many problems receded. I knew God was there. Somehow for me it has always been easier to find God outside in his creation. Farm life was hard, but close to nature and God. He is seen not only in the scenery, but in the animals, plants and insects and people. If I was stressed that morning, I could relax and pause to thank God and ask for his presence. At the end of a busy day I could say I saw God today when. . . . Gooster was born on the farm. His parents were rather ditsy. They laid eggs and sat on them for a while but to hatch a goose out required four weeks. In all the time we had these geese, I remember them sitting the required time only once. When they deserted the eggs, we put them under a chicken who was broody, ready to sit on eggs.

Of course a goose egg is much larger than a chicken egg so the hen was only able to hatch out one egg. Each egg must be turned several times a day so that the entire egg is kept at the right temperature at all times. A small chicken turning a large goose egg several times a day takes a considerable amount of strength and patience. She hatched Gooster.

Faith is a teacher. While teaching, she visited a local living farm museum. It fascinated her. For thirty-two years, she worked with people, plants, and animals in costume, pretending she lived there, giving her a rich background. She lives in Pennsylvania. She is married and has two children and two young grandchildren.


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