Really, God—Bangladesh?
Really, God—Bangladesh?
A Nurse’s Spiritual Journey
Perfect Bound Softcover
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When registered nurse Vicki Augustiniak received the phone call in the fall of 2003 that she would be traveling to Bangladesh to provide medical care to the country’s citizens, she felt both anxious and gratified. For years, she had dreamed of using her talents to help others, and now the time had come.

In her memoir, Augustiniak details her journey. Based on journal entries, she shares the story of how a young woman born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, received the call from God to serve others in a foreign country. Beginning with her early years and continuing through adulthood, she narrates her life story—being the oldest of nine children in a family filled with turmoil, attending nursing school, marrying her husband in 1973, and traveling abroad.

Really, God—Bangladesh? tells the inspiring story of Augustiniak providing help and hope around the globe and how that work brought her peace and changed her life through the goal of hoping to build a hospital in Bangladesh.


Vicki Augustiniak has been my companion on many different paths in my life. She has never faltered in her support, her compassion, and her determination. When she told me she was traveling to Bangladesh, I was not surprised. I knew that it was her goal to use her skills to assist others. Through her efforts, I have seen her grow in strength and resolve.
This book, these words, are inspired by Vicki’s faith and the loving support of her spouse. As she brings forth these events for you to share, think of this woman, born and raised in Detroit, who traveled to the other side of the globe to bring help and hope to the people she has met. I am glad to share my friend with you.

Sharon Sienkiewicz Lotoczky
August 2012

Vicki Augustiniak, RN, has been a nurse for forty years. She currently works at Beaumont Hospital, Troy, Michigan. Augustiniak and her husband have been married thirty-nine years and live in Troy. She stays involved in community activities.


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