The Male Teenager's 9 Late Signs of Alcoholism
The Male Teenager's 9 Late Signs of Alcoholism
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Alcoholism is the only disease known to man in which the longer you have it, the more it convinces you that you do not. Its stereotype is such that most people do not recognize it until it is too late.

Seeking to help address the disease in male teens, The Male Teenager’s Nine Late Signs of Alcoholism presents the third and final volume in the ALERT (Actual Learning Examples of Recognizing Trouble) series, written by Becki Bateman with Dave Payne. This informative, easy-to-read guide provides examples that can help teens determine whether they might have a serious drinking problem, offering a detailed explanation of the signs of late stage alcoholism.

This series seeks to guide male teenagers through recognizing all three stages of alcoholism and assisting them in determining if they need help. Teens have a tough time accepting the fact that they might be alcoholics, especially teenage boys; what’s more, even if they realize they have a problem with alcohol, they often don’t know where to turn to get the help. This guide provides critical information such as everyday situations that might indicate problems and resources for teens looking for help.

The ALERT series—aimed not only at teens but also at their parents, friends, relatives, or anyone who may have a problem with alcohol—can get teens the help they need before it’s too late.

This series will give specific examples of how alcoholism can be recognized in much earlier if one knows the early, middle, and late signs of the disease. If you suspect someone you love or know might be having a problem with alcohol, this is the series to read!

Over thirty years ago, Becki Bateman began her journey to recovery. She has attended many national conferences on teenage drinking and has worked as a volunteer with teens in alcohol and drug awareness programs. She is retired from a thirty-five-year career in teaching.

Dave Payne was a retired corrections officer with twelve years of experience as an employee assistance program (EAP) coordinator. He attended a special summer alcohol studies program at Rutgers University. He had spent over one thousand hours participating in alcohol and drug training seminars and workshops.


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