Children of Light
Children of Light
Their Glowing Path
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Two orphaned siblings, Kae-Tea-Lynn and Andrew-A-Cuss, are left outside the “System” and seem to fall in the cracks between what is sanctioned and what does happen. They must use their wits and their faith to survive the multitude of social predators and the general apathy of uncaring neighbours and relatives. Creator and Light Morning-Star come to their rescue in various ways that fill their lives with meaning and direction. In their adventures, the brother and sister grow and learn to work as a team, as well as collect the needed new friends and caring others of Good struggling against Evil, who assist them along the way in their efforts to overcome. As the children grow and develop confidence in their unique abilities, they find more children of Creator who are willing to mentor them and their faith. Kae-Tea-Lynn and Andrew-A-Cuss also find those who are bent on their destruction. All things seem to work together for the siblings to help themselves and in return help those around them.

Their Beginnings

“Just an ordinary looking young boy with slightly-slanted-up almond-shaped mauve eyes stood alongside of an ordinary looking slightly younger girl with slightly-slanted-up bright-yellow cat-eyes. They both stood very still with hands up in front of them as if to ward off whatever that group wanted from them. They hair was dark green, and they stood straight and tall; the usual Tree-House Servants. Both were very ordinary seeming, head up with their ‘hat-well-in-place’; unremarkable to point them out as being any different from those who surrounded them,” thought the slightly interested passer-by.

“Why were these pleasing lookers being detained? Why are they shaking their heads ‘no’ for? Those are adults they are talking to; should show a bit more respect without the wild hand waving; must be a mistaken identity or something. Surely they couldn’t truly be trouble makers; they’re just too normal and ordinary looking. This is ordinary Mannahtula Hills in the ordinary County of Mana, in the Valley of Terralief, in the great Country of Saerti,” observed the passer-by in amazement.

“These children were born and raised here. I know those two children. Ah there. Yes, there now they’re calming down some with no more hand-wavings and they’re listening to their Elders. They should be more normal and ordinary with better manners than to argue with their Elders. They even looked like any of the thousands of Tree-House children who cared for their Tree-Houses that had grown just for them and grew expanded rooms as more people joined them in the house, with beds and shelves to accommodate! They had nice parents too, before they died,” thought the passer-by

“Maybe they are trouble-makers since they still are evidentially saying ‘no’ again. Why aren’t they doing as they are told instead of stubbornly waving their arms about? What?! Hitting Elders?! Now even the adults are waving their arms frantically around back at those unruly children; and starting to yell at them? Happenings nowadays!” the passer-by hurriedly passed the theatrics looking straight up the street. “Don’t get involved!”

“Yes. This is just an ordinary day with one pastel pink moon slowly setting at noon, Pella, and one burgundy moon rising which would set with the sun, Burgella, as well as the third and largest moon of a dusty blue colour is following its slow course after the sun, Timekeeper. Timekeeper never sets, but always stays visible so we can always tell the time day or night. So this should have been a very ordinary day, except for these ungrateful interfering children causing an up-roar and waving sticks or something about at the adults,” grumbled the passer-by risking a look back.

“Yet on closer examination, I can see the faint light that emanates softly around them both; such a shame that they should throw away their young lives with that rubbish. The flow of people in the street is giving them wide berths so as not to get involved. Very smart. Those two were obviously some of the hated trouble-makers of Light. Well, they’re definitely well surrounded, tremendously out-numbered by their betters who evidentially happened to also have incredibly sufficient fire power to deal with and settle down such small stubborn seemingly almost defenseless children. Surely they had little to no chance of survival anyway, if they stay with this Light Morning-Star stuff. Why didn’t they do the proper thing of surrendering for reconditioning?” wondered the passer-by as others start giving them looks as they had stopped to watch the ‘show’. They hurried on up the street before they could get grabbed for being ‘involved’. Pray for them at the gathering on the next High Day.

But Kae-Tea-Lynn and Andrew-A-Cuss were each armed with a flaming double-edged sword that they hadn’t even drawn yet, accompanied by their great shields that were still covering their backs. They knew how to use those swords; from many hours of practice at home. Slowly they draw out their swords and held them in a neutral position, but which gives them a knowing look about their faces and stance. They just didn’t want to hurt someone with them. They had cut themselves when they were practicing so they knew it hurts. Even batting around and blocking takes a lot of energy sometimes, but at least they don’t generally hurt anyone that way.

They each also had a comfortable helmet hidden by their hoodies to protect their heads from side or back assaults, as well as the stout walking boots poking out of the bottom of their jeans. Otherwise, all they each had was a walking stick that doubled as a short spear, and amazingly they had found each other and they were miraculously still alive; despite the new government’s warning to make them dead, at all costs. Another miraculous gift that was far less obvious to most was the shared emotions of family members, a Gift from Creator. They could communicate with just a look or a nod or a laugh. Being close and fighting the same mob carried more power. It was like they could almost hear each other’s thoughts so when they just looked at each other or stood back to back as well, all these things were so amplified. It was as good as talking out loud what they planned next, except with the added strategic bonus that only the family members could hear.

Several people in the crowds that flowed past even knew these children and their deceased parents and or the couples of Elders who raised them since the parent’s deaths; their family’s supposed-to-be-friends. Sure they knew that both parents were no longer with the children, as well as all four Elders that were with them after that, but they thought it didn’t mean they should get involved in this. Besides the paperwork of helping them, there would be an inspection or two of their Tree-House, disturbances of their family’s schedules and routines, probable re-inspections of the family and Tree-House as well as the possible infection of their children with whatever made the glow around Light’s children.

Christiane Cramp’s first adventure was to be born in a Canadian army jeep on a mountainside in a blizzard. More pleasant adventures followed, such as driving a building-sized ferry boat, driving a thirty-five-foot truck and trailer, mushing a five-dog team with sled, and raising three great children.


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