The Alligator Astronauts Go to the Zipper Zoo
The Alligator Astronauts Go to the Zipper Zoo
Saddle Stitch Softcover
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The Alligator Astronauts (A.K.A. Gatornauts)—a giddy group of star sailors who cruise through space in their silver surfer socks from Saturn—have so much to do. They rarely take a vacation, but when they do there’s no better way to pass the time than a trip to the Zipper Zoo.

At the Zipper Zoo there are no cages. There are no locks or bars or keys. Instead, all the crazy animals—from A to Z—live in rooms that are actually zipper-sealed balloons!

In this space adventure, author and father Dustin S. Marsalis transports the audience to a world in which anything is possible, while giving children a chance to practice the sounds of the alphabet. Join the Gatornauts on their first adventure!

Join the amazing alligator astronauts as they surf through the wonderful wildlife of the zipper zoo. This is unlike any zoo you have ever been to. Enjoy!!

Dustin S. Marsalis has enjoyed writing poetry and songs since his youth. He was inspired to write something to entertain both children and those who read to them while reading to his daughter at night. Originally from Dallas, Dustin currently lives in Allen, Texas, with his wife and their daughter.

Congratulations on your amazing achievement. The kids can't wait to read it!
Melinda Simmons 
My daughter had the best time when I read this, and guess what, so did I!! This was an amazing book. I can't wait for the rest of the books in the series be published.
Suzana Spina 

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