The Battle
The Battle
When Trumpets Ring
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Is it possible for a wealthy man to do the right thing, trust in the Lord unconditionally and walk with him? I say yes, I know because I did, I gave back all of my wealth, I trusted in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior and just paid darn good attention. What is the most important thing to a father's heart? It is his children, we are all God's children and it is up to us to do the right thing and take care of our young and vulnerable, the unborn. I believe with all of my heart that if we take care of the unborn that God will take care of us and that is why I set out to make change to existing fundraisers for ultra sound machines, set machines in crisis centers months or even years before it is time, usually within seven weeks any lives saved would be a miracle. That's what I did, seven machines in one year, lives that would have not existed today and I knew I was doing something right because the gates of Hell opened up around me. From the death of seven of my loved ones, 4 by suicide, one in my business and what I acquired from the heavens was nothing short of a miracle. From meeting the three men in white, three times with three messages, the blessed mother once standing with a young lady beside her to Saint Michael not once, but twice of this world.


The first encounter with Saint Michael was on the bike trail behind the Church and the story goes like this; Labor Day weekend of 2013 the summer I finished the Book of Life project the seventh of the seven projects I started back in the fall of 2011. Early morning bike ride, I'm on top of the hill in the Clio Park, two people walked by from a distance and something felt odd that morning and something caught my attention it was a golden retriever dog. I mean a dog not a puppy and two people were walking him and they were very similar in appearance like twins holding hands about 6 foot 3 maybe 3 ½ with golden blonde hair probably about 50 maybe 52ish and very odd in appearance and what I mean by this is very good looking oddly good looking and they weren't dressed for a walk. The man looked real familiar to me and I didn't know where I had seen him before. So I jumped on my bike and paddles down the hill and just when I came around the corner behind the Church there they were I passed by startled the lady and looked down and that dog was a puppy and very familiar golden retriever puppy I just brushed it off and keep going until the next day when I walked in my office and seen my Saint Michael statue and looked close, WOW that's the man in the park and it hit me right then the puppy looked like the one I lost in a freak accident last summer.

52 years old, born and raised Catholic, married to my wife Lori for 25 years (raised Baptist). We have happily raised 7 beautiful children together to become Catholic. I started working with my father at the age of 9, and I have always been self employed only relied on self made business and became very successful.



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