New Age
  1. Gayle Sommerfeld
  2. Alice Warkentin
  3. Alice Warkentin
  4. Alice Crespo
  1. Patricia Aldridge-Hinkle
  2. Gayle Sommerfeld
  3. Roger V. Mitchell
  4. Bob Morris
  5. Pamela Yates

Book Trailers

Hello, Jesus Loves You
"Hello, Jesus Loves You" shares ways to say hello in Spanish, Chinese, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Hawaiian.
American History Through People Who Looked to the Lord
American History through People Who Looked to the Lord is a fun and lively tool to help you create a thoughtful dialogue with your students on how America can look to the Lord today.
A Heart of Wisdom
A 30-year collection of wise sayings, thoughts and ideas to bless and change lives
Mother of Pearl
Margaret McSweeney talks about her book and shares how women can come together to support each other through difficulty.
B.J. Taylor & Charlie Bear
Taylor shares the inspiration behind her book, Charlie Bear.